Got the Photos


These are a couple of skeins I spun last week. I think I did three the week before to get the infinity scarf done for the Llama Rescue people.

I had an ounce of appalousa llama carded by hand. I spun that up, it’s the little hank only 30 yards. I’m waiting for my order of firestar to come in before I spin any more appalousa. Those three fluffy batts are calling my name! But adding just a touch of sparkle will make them beyond fablous!

Un-Swirly Hats

These are the hats I made with the ‘Swirly Hat’ pattern. As you can see, the swirls didn’t happen. However I LOVE the look of these hats! I put a little bit of decoration on them with a band and two buttons. Just charming!

I’ll take another look at the photos to see if there are any more pictures I can post.

‘Tis the Season!


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