Cottage Industry – Fiber Anyone?

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I’ve been browsing and, looking at fiber offerings.

This is quite a cottage industry – isn’t it? I’ve seen hundreds of offers from dozens of vendors. That’s a whole lot more than I thought I’d find.

The prices are pretty high, which is good for the vendors. I don’t know all the places to look for fiber/fleece/wool, but I’m learning a lot from just bouncing around the interwebz. I’m very, very glad that I was able to get Tonka and Sabre – because I’m really into alpaca fiber.

I bought a Kitten carding machine from Fancy Kitty of Missouri. They have a terrific sale going on, 5% off orders that ship in the next few days. Mine shipped today, I should see it next week. Not in time to get all the Christmas gifts out, but I’ll have it for the other bags of fiber.

I’m going to NEED it for all that fiber. There are still 5 bags I haven’t touched, and half a crate each of black, appalousa and chocolate, plus a bag of washed Jacob. That’s a heck of a lot of fiber to card by hand.

The appalousa, even after a good washing, is still dirty. I’m puzzled, because I’m not sure how much this affects my ability to spin it. If I don’t put a LOT of twist in this fiber, it falls apart.

The black needs even more twist!

It’s a challenge, a challenge to my short spinning experience.


6 thoughts on “Cottage Industry – Fiber Anyone?

  1. empress27 says:

    Good luck with your new carder, you probably already have it by now. I do love my carder, it’s a massive, massive help!

    • K. A. Jordan says:

      I’ve already carded the last of my chocolate llama fiber, half my appalousa llama fiber and a batt of black llama.

      Hand-carding is great, and some of the fiber has to be hand carded before I can put it through the machine.

      I’m really pleased at the size and quality of this carding machine. I can’t say enough good things about Fancy Kitty.

      My next project is to take the waste from carding the black and appalousa llama and mixing in Jacob fleece.

      I plan on dyeing it all a nice, rich turquois. It should spin up like a dream. I want to make it into a snood. Should take 400 yards to complete the project.

      I hope to have photos of the turquois snood project in Janurary.

  2. mamasheri says:

    Go to my search bar at the top of my page and put in….van wet 9 in 9. Then go forward to next blogs to see photos as I learned. :)) to wash the fiber and get the grease out. Might help with the spinning. I’m no expert on spinning. I just spin. :))

  3. K. A. Jordan says:

    I’ve read about your paintings, they sound lovely.

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