Spinning By Candlelight?

I can't believe it's really mine.

I can’t believe it’s really mine.

A really bad storm blew through last night, around 10 pm the lights went out.

I wandered through the house, pulling out a few candles and two oil lamps. I can light up the house with seven candles. I was bored enough to try spinning in by candle light. It worked out okay, though I quit after a few minutes. The alpaca I’m spinning is too pretty to play around with.

Today hubby and I carded the black llama fiber I need to finish up the last of my Christmas projects. We put quite a bit of blue firestar in it. Both a navy blue and a bright blue. There’s a really nice sparkle to it now.

Hubby also called his son to let him know his present will be late. I finished carding the chocolate llama fiber for the new hat last night. But it’s still gonna take me a couple of days to get around to it.

Merry Christmas, Bright Yule, Happy Holidays and so forth from all of us at Jordan’s Croft.


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