Trouble in a Sweater


I wanted to show everyone my first attempt at a dog sweater. Thanks to Dog in a Sweater for the instructions.

Trouble has a very thin coat, even for a Jack Russel Terrier. He spends a lot of time under blankets and behind couch covers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat on him, thinking he was a fold in the fabric.

This sweater is very loose on him. I’m tempted to lace it up the back to tighten it. However, a trip through the washing machine might be enough to snug it up.

He’s much more playful when he’s not cold, as you can see.

Added 2/5/13 –
Trouble really likes his sweater! I can say ‘put on sweater?’ and he will jump up so I can reach him.

However, even after washing, the sweater is loose enough to get his feet through the neck.

I think I’ll need to make him a slightly smaller one.

Remodeling Project – Chicken World

This blog isn’t the one where I’ve been posting about my farm, but this deserves a progress report.

Jordan’s Croft has a flock of laying hens as well as ducks and geese. Hatching eggs can’t get too cold. It stops the development of the embryo. Unfortunately, the walls of Chicken World are thin metal – any chill comes right through. So I started nailing up wood slats, to put an air pocket between the hens and the metal walls.

I got the first wall done – as you  can see here:


The newly paneled short wall of Chicken World, with a nice nestbox. The hens really like that nest and use it several times a day. I guess the nest box didn’t show up in this picture.

The window was on the outside, and somehow it got pushed so hard the staples came out. So I had to move it to reduce the drafts. It needs work – but all of Chicken World will get a coat of whitewash when the walls are finished.

So – this is my project report for now.



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