December 2013

I held my annual cookie bake last week. I love to bake, but I don’t always want to eat the stuff I bake. So I invite over some girlfriends to bake a ton of cookies, and I give the cookies away.

This year, things were a little rocky around the edges, for one thing, I’ve been battling an abcessed tooth since the first of December. So my energy levels are pretty low. So this wasn’t as big of cookie swap party as I’d originally planned.

But a funny thing happened that day…one of my projects ‘grew legs’ and vanished from the house. It was a crocheted hat, made from chestnut and white llama yarn. Not a major project, but it was made for a specific person, who is sensitive to wool.

I know I have gremlins…one in particular has lived with me for a very long time. He takes my car keys and various items, but he’s always given them back when I ask.

I try to leave bits of food out for him, but he’s got to get them before the dogs do. The Irish leave saucers of milk out for the leprecauns, to keep the mischief to a minimum. I’ve heard that it works with ghosts, too, if anyone has problems with ghosts, try leaving them a bit of coffee or something.

But I digress.

I’ve searched my entire house. I’ve searched the baskets where I stash all my finished and unfinished projects. We even looked as we cleaned the house, to see if the dogs had taken off with the hat. There’s no sign of it, though I found the extra yarn I spun on the drop spindle, right where I’d last seen the hat.


Fast forward two months – that’s right, it took me two months to find the missing project. However I’ve found it and I KNOW the gremlin took it. Little beast hid it at the bottom of the finished pile.


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