My New Guys – Update

Life has been hectic – nothing new there. The New Guys – Tribute and Armand  give off mixed signals. They LOVE grain – but don’t want to come in to the barn at night. They’ll dart in and out five or six times before they’ll settle down to eat.

Getting them into their pen is yet another matter.

Well, after 2 days of getting 2 out of 3 into the pen – I hit the jackpot tonight and got all three alpacas inside. I’ll be the rain had a lot to do with it.

The new guys really need to be sheared all over. They’ve got burrs and matted hair – it’s a mess.

I’m looking at Grumpy, wondering how much fleece I can get off him. Maybe a sweater??



2 thoughts on “My New Guys – Update

  1. mamasheri says:

    Lol!!!! Ya. Sweater sounds good!

    • K. A. Jordan says:

      I’ll have to learn to knit well enough to make a sweater. And to dye the fiber and spin the yarn.

      There is a new website that taylors a sweater to your measurements.

      You know, this is going to be a very expensive sweater. LOL – I’d better make it to keep.

      Have you made anything for yourself from your mohair?

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