The Alpacs Are Here

Digital Camera

Yes, we picked up ‘the boys’ Saber and Tonka yesterday.

It made for a very, very long day. Two women, twin 5-year olds, my old truck and her old horse trailer journeyed to Taylorsville to adopt two alpaca geldings.

As I suspected, my herd of horses lost their minds at the sight and scent of these foreigners on their home turf. We decided to put the alpacas in their stall for the night. The thought was the horses would get used to them overnight.

I got to the barn this morning and NO ONE greeted me. All three horses had their heads in the corner of the stall, butts to me. The old mare was trembling with terror. I felt like a monster, as if I were torturing her. Once we moved the alpacas to the round pen, it took 5 minutes to coax her out of her stall.

The horses went down-wind of the alpacas, where they circled, snorting and blowing. I encouraged them to come closer, which the young mare did. But the old mare hid behind the old black gelding.

This is just day one, so I’m not going to get discouraged. This will take weeks. Eventually, I’ll be able to turn them out together. Just not today.


Drumroll – Please!

TheEmissaryFinal - part 1

I started uploading ‘The Emissary’ to e-book vendors last night.

I feel its premature to sound the horns and all that. I’ve no idea how long Pubit will take to process the e-book. However, sometime after midnight – I uploaded ‘The Emissary’ to Barnes & Noble’s Pubit.

The reason I’m not crowing: it can take 2 months to get an e-book actually available on B&N.

That’s right – TWO MONTHS.

So there would be, IMHO no more foolish action than to start plugging the poor book before it was actually available.

The last e-book I uploaded to Kobo took 3 weeks to process. Another place where you don’t want to upload at the last minute before you start advertising.

Smashwords, while painfully slow to pay – is usually good about getting the e-books available all but instantly – if you can get passed the AutoVetter of Meatgrinder.

Amazon – well – yes, it’s faster, however there are SO many e-books this one may never make a splash.

So I’m doing this a small step at a time. See if I can get the turtle-slow vendors in place first.

You DO know that I want to shout this from the rooftops, right?

I’m being SO restrained – it’s like a scene from 50 Shades of Tie Me Up and Spank Me.

No, really!

‘The Emissary” on Nook book.

“The Emissary” on Kobo Books

New Book Cover!

TheEmissary3dThis is the link to the new book cover.

Katie Stewart has been darling while I’ve been a fusspot.

I know my audience of horse lover’s is SO picky about being able to identify a breed. So I’ve been driving the poor dear to distraction with details of the horse’s head. However, I haven’t had to say a word about color and compostion.

I recommend her as a stylistic cover artist any time.

Trouble With a Title

ImageI’m good with one-liners and smart-ass remarks, so I don’t often have trouble making up titles.


But this one is kicking my butt.

The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words had better be right. Otherwiser, I’m going to have a crap-load of explaining to do.

I don’t want to explain the book, so I’m working with a cover artist.

I trust the book cover is going to do for me what will take a couple hundred words to do otherwise.

Some writers, okay, KKR* and DWS** say all covers should look the same for a writer. Building a brand. If that’s true, I’m in deep do-do (or don’t-don’t) because I’m using one pen name for a covers of a different genre. It may not work. But I can’t imagine having my WIP cover look like ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ – any more than it could look like ‘Swallow the Moon’.

<<< Sigh >>>

Anyways – this is my next attempt at a title for my Zombie Apocalypse story.

Wait until you get to see the cover – it will blow your mind!

Why Not Use Spanish?

Rearing horse and rider

Rearing horse and rider

There are so many ways to express a concept. Language is a wonderful thing, so are pictures. The internet has brought the world to my laptop – so I’m going to play in a bigger sandbox than I’ve ever tried. Today I am experimenting with Spanish, to go with my Spanish mustangs. I’ve fallen in love with the words, their flavors are tangy and fresh.

My Zombies are Muerto (dead), Apestando Muerto (stinking dead) and Aullador Muerto (Howling Dead) according to my characters. I LOVE these names.

Why am I using Spanish instead of English?

Well – my undead critters are different than the average Zombie. A twist that I need to credit to my years as a Dungeon Master. Towit – some things evolve.

If a virus is powerful enough to ‘raise the dead’ what else can it do? Ohhh – no more spoilers on this one. I’m having too much fun.

Frosty Night with No Moon

The horses were spooky tonight. The old mare neighed to me and sounded frantic when I came out to put them in the barn. The grass was crunchy with frost, the night clear but moonless. I heard the pack in full cry – yapping in the next field. They sounded so close I went outside to see if they had gotten through the fence. As I shined the flashlight – they fell silent. The sudden silence was creepy – I walked back to the house with the hair on the back of my neck standing straight up. They were watching me.

Instinct is a funny thing.

I’m glad the barn is locked down tight.

Free e-Book – ‘Impressive Bravado’


When sales get slow – common wisdom says it’s time to do a giveaway.

‘Impressive Bravado’ is a short story (7k words) about Dr. Katie McCarty DVM. She’s a young veterinarian, fresh out of Ohio State University. She gets an early morning all call from Deputy Sheriff Shallamon concerning the unauthorized gelding (neutering) of a show horse named “Impressive Bravado.”

Katie and Shallamon go to Hopkins’ Stables. They encounter a ‘horse whisperer’ who calls herself ‘Aquitania’ and claims she can talk to horses. They also discover unsafe practices that have put the young girls at the barn in danger.

Katie looks into the incident – discovering a deep divide in horse show cliques that could explain the ‘attack’ on Bravado. However, Katie ends up wrestling with a berserk stallion – barely getting the animal under control after he kicks his owner, shattering her leg.

You can get a free copy at Barnes & Nobel :

Or Smashwords:

But the story is $.99 at Amazon US, UK, DE and FR: