The Farm Market and Festival Season Starts

Second Saturday

Yesterday from 3pm to 7pm we went to the Elizabethtown Second Saturday street fair.

As it is early in the season, there weren’t a whole lot of people around, but we were set up in front of the Heartland Whole life Buying Club which helped us alot. I talked to some knitters about my yarn and enjoyed being outside and with the Hubster.

I sold the beautiful snood, which paid for our lunch.

I’ll have more yarn to sell next month.

Next Project???

I was combing through Ravelry’s patterns for my next project.

I even looked for a very simple sweater pattern. (That was really daring of me. I’m still a novice knitter.) Well, sweaters scared me!

So maybe I’ll look at socks next.

Or mittens…mittens look much safer.

I’m such a chicken!


Bought and Sold?

Digital Camera

I’ve put my camper up to trade 

Not sure it was a good idea, though I want something specific, a hard-sided camper that’s much smaller and lighter.

There are so many places I want to go – taking a camper – but a tent camper doesn’t have the space inside to really pack it full.

The New Project – Backstage Work

I’ve been looking at my short stories, thinking there are many more that I could publish, easily if I had an ebook template for them in Scrivener.

I think it’s time to create it.

I’m going to ‘go hermit’ for another week. I need to get some more work done on Dad’s place as well as getting Part #3 of The Emissary finished. (Part #2 will go to the copy editor as soon as the chickens earn enough money to pay her. They need to get to it!)

Scrivener is perfect for this, because I can create modules with my front matter and back matter in them. Each story is a sub-file. Then I can simply compile the file and upload them to the relevant e-book vendor.

Once it’s set up, that is.

If you are curious about Scrivener – this is the home page.

Tick-tock, Tick-tock – Waiting to Publish


Happy Easter

Shades of ‘The Tell-tale Heart’ – I sit in my den, banging away at the laptop, listening to the clock tick and getting antsier by the moment.

Maybe it’s the coffee?

I want to publish ‘The Emissary’ right this very moment. I was up until two A.M.  working on the prologue and the blurb. I’ve handed it off for a final read-through to some trusted readers – and the copy editor – for one-last-look-before-I-pull-the-trigger.

I tried to clean stalls yesterday – didn’t get very far. However, it was progress. Top it all off – I’ve got a freaking cold – on Easter Sunday, AND I’m out of chocoate!

Not that I’m whining (whinging for my UK friends) mind you.

There always seems to be those last-minute tweaks: A bit of this, a dash of that, a missed word, a comma misplaced. And for dyslexics like myself, the possibility that I didn’t catch a correction. (Maybe it’s old age and blindness, not dyslexia?)

I’m excited to have this little action-adventure story out into the world. It’s a fun read, very ‘Girl-Power’ for horsewomen and the guys will like it too. (No mushy stuff…in Part 1). I think the understory, the difference between our ‘techno-dependent’ culture and a the ‘Earth-first’ application of that technology, will come out without sounding preachy. The women of Dunvegan have embraced the need to turn back the clock – while the men of Fort Chatten cling to technology that will quickly wear out.

One might be able to recycle bullet casings, but the technology that created the refined gunpowder is gone, along with 80% of the population. One might be able to distill alcohol to fuel a truck, but the parts will wear out. There is always a more successful scavenger up the food chain – so things like gas, tires, bullets and food become instantly scarse – and get more expensive with every day that passes. Meanwhile, currency has lost it’s value, credit cards are useless and without fuel and fertilizer – where does food come from?

Not long ago – I expressed the opinion that Dystopian has a hold on us because there is an inner ‘wild beast’ that wants to shed the trappings of civilization and roam free once again. We each have a wild side – one that wants to hunt, gather and howl at the moon. That’s why we grow restless in spring – it’s time to pack up and migrate to fresh grass and new places.

Well, this spring is late – someone needs to shoot the groundhog.

Meanwhile, the clock ticks and I’m chomping at the bit.

Trouble With a Title

ImageI’m good with one-liners and smart-ass remarks, so I don’t often have trouble making up titles.


But this one is kicking my butt.

The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words had better be right. Otherwiser, I’m going to have a crap-load of explaining to do.

I don’t want to explain the book, so I’m working with a cover artist.

I trust the book cover is going to do for me what will take a couple hundred words to do otherwise.

Some writers, okay, KKR* and DWS** say all covers should look the same for a writer. Building a brand. If that’s true, I’m in deep do-do (or don’t-don’t) because I’m using one pen name for a covers of a different genre. It may not work. But I can’t imagine having my WIP cover look like ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ – any more than it could look like ‘Swallow the Moon’.

<<< Sigh >>>

Anyways – this is my next attempt at a title for my Zombie Apocalypse story.

Wait until you get to see the cover – it will blow your mind!