The Agent Debate – A Nail in the Coffin

Daryl Sedore shares his painful experience with the underbelly of the publishing industry.  Only it wasn’t the underbelly – the people involved were pretty well mainstream. It was a one-day-wonder. Very exciting while it lasted.

Ever since my friend Mary W. Walters got flamed for expressing her concern over the role of agents in the publishing industry – here – I’ve been watching the blogosphere debate over the ‘current state’ of the publishing industry.

What I’ve learned reminds me more of Hollywood’s ‘chew-em-up-then-spit-em-out’ attitude towards female actors. Oh yes, it’s a wolf-eat-sheep world. The wolves are wearing sheep skins and it’s up to us to figure it out.

I don’t want to be fleeced – I know that it could happen to me. I work at educating myself so that it will be more difficult to fleece me all the time.

I think it is time to put the publishing industry in the same cesspool with the movie industry and the music industry.  “Agents” and “Talent Scouts” are brothers-in-fur; assume that ‘I think your book has potential’ means ‘I’ve got a meat-market that needs fresh meat.’

Indie publishing is not ‘the way’ to escape the preditors. Amazon is not a rescuing angel out to ‘save’ writers. It is in their best interest to create a vast number of e-books, many not available in print, which can be purchased instantly with the Kindle. The 70% royalty ensures the majority of that product will be priced between $3 & $10.

The same goes for the other Indie friendly e-book markets. They have freed themselves of having to create or market products. The writer’s do all the work – and are awarded higher-than-industry-average rewards. It works for all of us. Just don’t forget that those ‘writer-friendly’ wolves are just looking at larger numbers than a couple hundred writers. There are millions of readers out there.

Back to Sedore’s story – He’s pulled it from his blog. Dean Wesley Smith pulled the story from his blog as well.

Why? Because they got drowned in hate mail. 

Still, hundreds of people read those blogs for the short time they were up. It was in the end, alas, merely a tempest in a teapot. So this round went to the wolves and wolf-groupies.

But the book remains – Publishing Exposed by Daryl Sedore.