The Author as Publisher (via The Militant Writer)

This is the kind of assement that fledgling authors like myself really need. Someone who has been inside the industry and is willing to share information. The difference between the old and new publishing industry is SO key.

Too many times, I find that my most experienced author friends assume I have more knowledge than I actually possess. As flattering as it may be (and I STILL love to be flattered) it often has me running to Google to figure out WTF they are talking about.

Not Mary, when I’m done reading her posts, I feel like I’ve been educated.

This bring me to the present – I am publishing my own work to Create Space. I’m working with Create Space on ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ and I’m going to do ‘Swallow the Moon’ myself. (Yes, I know, I’m doing it bacwards. But LDL has formatting bugs I couldn’t get out. StM doesn’t. LDD desperately needs a descent cover. StM just needs the right file from Ronnell Porter and I’m in business!)

Anyways – here is the post that got me working on paper publishing.

(Second in a series of articles about the new realities for writers and readers.) It seems inevitable to me now that unless they take up the sideline manufacture of weaponry or bath salts to subsidize themselves, the major publishing houses are going down. There will certainly be a role for niche publishers in future (literary presses that focus on poetry or esoteric fiction among them, teetering on the brink of expiration as they always have, an … Read More

via The Militant Writer