Crack Up – Bye Bike

M109 RMy husband wrecked his motorcycle. The white one in my avatar. I don’t have photos of the wreck – but he’s got 5 broken ribs.

That will tell you how hard he hit the ground.

The person who caused the crash was on a cell phone. So, of course “I didn’t see him” was their first response.

We’ve all done it – that phone rings or we think of someone we NEED to talk to – and travel time is wasted time in our ‘multi-tasking’ society. But that doesn’t make it right, or legal, nor should it get someone off the hook for nearly killing another person.

I’ve seen guys driving down the freeway with newspapers on the steering wheel. People text – TEXT – while driving and wonder why there are laws  going on the books to make it all illegal.

My old phone was a ‘flip to answer’ but my id10t phone requires a ritual of actions to answer. (It’s supposed to be a smart phone, but it sucks.)

Then there is the ‘season’ issue. November is not the usual season to ride motorcycles, so people don’t look for them. That doesn’t justify the accident.

If my husband hadn’t been wearing a helmet, he’d be dead. If he hadn’t been wearing a leather jacket he’d be torn to shreds.

This is the third time he’s put a bike down since we’ve been together. The first time was a horrendous crash – no helmet – that left him with debilitating injuries. The second time, I was on the bike and we slid into the ditch from a complete stop. That hurt, but it was nothing like the accident in front of us.

This summer he had a series of close calls. I got spooked and stopped riding with him. I had one crash on my own motorcycle back in – never mind the year – my ‘wasted youth.’

My nerves are shot. I need a nice, quiet winter to regroup. I’ve had 8 major stressors this year. My instinct is to hole up for the winter and not leave the farm. No such luck, of course, but the desire to take it very slow and easy is a healthy response to stress.

I sure as hell won’t be answering my cell while I’m driving.