Melissa Foster Joins Hugh Howey in Buying Her Way Onto New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists

I saw this and I don’t believe it.

I’ve been around the self-publishing scene since 2008.

I remember when Amanda Hocking and David Danglish were just getting started. They couldn’t afford to pay anyone to get their ebooks onto any bestsellers’ lists. They had to do their own covers and struggled to pay for editing.

There are others on this list who were in the same boat – people who were struggling to pay their bills, pinning their hopes on making a few extra bucks with their e-books. They gave each other support and encouragement and celebrated the modest success they enjoyed.

This post is just bullshit.

Amazon Alert: Your Guide to Unethical Authors

ResultSource is one of many companies offering to help authors buy their way onto New York Times and USA Today Bestseller lists. ResultSource was outed by The Wall Street Journal in The Mystery of the Book Sales Spike,
How Are Some Authors Landing On Best-Seller Lists? They’re Buying Their Way

After you read The Wall Street Journal article google “authors buying their way onto bestseller lists” for an even more eye-opening experience. As also told by The Wall Street Journal, a growing number of author frauds are buying their way onto the New York Times Bestseler List and USA Today Bestseller List, including Hugh Howey and Melissa Foster.

Soren Kaplan purchased about 2,500 books through ResultSource, paying about $22 a book, including shipping, for a total of about $55,000, to buy his way onto the bestseller lists. He also paid a few of $20,000 to $30,000 to ResultSource for…

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