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I’ve had my books published via Kobo Writing Life for several months now. There was some talk that Goodreads reviews would be carried over – after a couple of months.

Been waiting and wondering why that blessed even hadn’t occured.

I finally figured it out – ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ has reviews from Goodreads. ‘Swallow the Moon’ does not – and I got this really great review that I wanted to share. So I went through the Kobo settings with a fine toothed comb.

Then I compared the Goodreads settings for each book to Kobo. This is what I found – the ISBN-13 weren’t in Goodreads. I had ASIN and ISBN-10 instead. So I got no reviews.

Once I fixed that – I have the reviews!

The tiny details are the ones that mess things up.

I’m starting to think that I’ve heard so many ‘Publishing Industry Horror’ stories that I have PTSD. I can’t get my head around this. I really can’t. I’m mean, a bookstore owner wants to buy 500 pre-sold books and is told “NO!” as in HELL NO! Because it’s against company policy. Then the bookstore owner goes to TARGET to get the books he needs.
It boggles the mind, it really does.
You have to read this!


This is just too good to keep to myself.

An independent bookseller I know landed a major bestselling author for a rare in-store signing. He got the word out, took advance phone and internet orders for signed copies, and called his sales rep at the publisher to make sure the books would reach him in plenty of time.

“You’ve ordered 450 copies,” the rep told him. “I’m afraid we can only ship you 200.”

Why, for God’s sake? Hadn’t they printed enough?

“No, it’s policy,” he was told. “Two hundred books is our maximum order. We can’t take the chance of huge returns, or credit problems.”

“But the copies are sold,” the store owner said. “I’ve got prepaid orders for them, and I’ll pay in advance myself, and take them from you on a non-returnable basis. There’s no risk, and there won’t be any returns, and that’s 450 copies of…

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Signs of Spring?

june 2010 038I went outside last night and heard those funny noises – you know the ones I mean – not sure if they are bugs or what, but they are a sure herald of spring.

The geese, or at least one goose, is laying an egg every day or so. The chickens have stepped up production. I got 15 eggs the other day. I know there are a couple of slackers in the bunch, but I’ve never figured out how to tell who’s slacking unless I stand over them and check numbers all day.

The new e-books are coming along. I’ve got more work to do on Part 1. Part 2 is WAY too long. I have it printed out and I’ll get to it. It is starting to look like I’ll have the series published on schedule. WOW – it feels good to be working again.

Last year – I was in a dark and distant place. There is so much that went over my head and so many things I handled badly if at all.

This year, I’m hoping to do better.